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David c. Mathis, Ed.D.

1134 Dow Street

Murfreesboro, TN


Phone: 615.624.4494



Licensed Psychologist


Counseling and Psychotherapy services:  

for children (10 years or older), adolescents and adults. Areas of interest include treatment for anxiety, depression, coping with chronic pain or other medical issues, as well as other psychological issues.

Relationship Counseling:

Relationships are so important in our lives, especially intimate relationships. When intimate couples, of any form, are struggling with issues, it represents the potential to grow and enhance the individuals and the relationship.  "Marriage counseling" is not normally covered in health insurance benefits. Typically, because the sessions are solution focused, most couples complete their work in 8 to 10 visits.

Special Needs and Parental Consultation:

Dr. Mathis has a special interest in helping families who have special needs children such as autism.  He also provides services for individuals suffering from schizophrenia who seek an approach beyond medication only.  

Psychological Evaluations:

The field of psychology has developed scientifically based measures of various aspects of human functioning.  These measures can be very helpful, and at times critical, in understanding an individuals needs and to develop appropriate treatment plans.  They always provide an opportunity to develop greater insight into oneself.   These measures may at times be necessary to complete psychological evaluations which are needed for court, disability determination, educational placement, security clearances, employment in law enforcement, etc.

Forensic Family Services:

Dr. Mathis has experience in conducting evaluations which are required in some divorce and custody litigation issues.  Each case is individually considered before being accepted.

"It is only out of the understanding of one's selfness that one person can be freely close to another without threat, obligation, need or fear." ---Julius Seeman